If you can look after a 12 word passphrase.

Then Carbon Wallet can secure your Bitcoins permanently.

Carbon Wallet

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Why should I use Carbon Wallet ?

We don't store Bitcoins on our servers or on your machine.

We are determined.

CarbonWallet is an online and offline deterministic wallet. Your passphrase is turned into a number which is then turned into Bitcoin Addresses.

Your passphrase is your wallet access and wallet backup.

We are a zero footprint wallet.

We don't store your Bitcoins locally or on our servers, only in your browser memory. No trace is left on your device once you logout of your session.

Thiefs have fewer angles of attack with CarbonWallet.

We support online or cold storage.

Need to store large sums of Bitcoins ? CarbonWallet supports Cold Storage.

You can use CarbonWallet online or offline on a computer you know is clean and safe.

Open Security.

By making the complete source code available for anyone to inspect you can be sure Carbon Wallet is peer reviewed and safe to store your coins. You are free to install Carbon Wallet on your PC.


We will do everything we can to protect your Bitcoins.

However you also need to take responsibility and follow these guidelines.

Never give out your passphrase.

There are several ways thiefs will try and get your passphrase. These attacks apply to all Bitcoin wallets so read up and be safe.

  1. Phishing Always make sure you are on the carbonwallet.com address and never click links in emails.
  2. Social engineering Be very careful about what you install on the devices you own.
  3. Watch out for Malware including Keyloggers or malicious software often disguised as a genuine piece of software.

Consider multiple passphrases.

Think about passphrases the way you keep money in real life, not all in one place. For example.

  • A day to day passphrase. You could store a small amount of Bitcoins here so you don't lose all your Bitcoins if it is compromised. Write the passphrase down and carry it in your wallet.
  • A Bank account style passphrase. One that you only use in a safe environment, i.e. a computer with good virus protection. Hold moderate amounts of Bitcoins here.
  • A savings passphrase. A passphrase you created in cold storage. Be very careful when you use this password.

Never lose your passphrases.

Without the passphrase your coins are gone. There is no way to retrieve CarbonWallet wallets without the passphrase.

The best way to keep passphrases safe is...

  • Write them down
  • keep them somewhere secure.

Write it down.

We are using 128bit passphrases.

According to "how big is your haystack?" Our passphrases would take trillions of centuries to break under a massive cracking scenario.

We are using window.crypto.getRandomValues whenever available for cryptographically random values.

Our passphrases are compatible with the Electrum Bitcoin client and Brainwallet.org.

We generate bitcoin addresses deterministically.

Your passphrase is turned into a 128bit key which is then stretched into 10 bitcoin addresses. There is no limit but for now 10 per passphrase should be adequate.

Determined Bitcoin addresses mean no need for a remote server to hold keys and no need to store keys on a local hard drive.

CarbonWallet is open and public domain.

All source code is available on Github and the site is a Github page.

All commits and changes are open for peer review and the site is deployed directly from the repository.

Extra security through open source code.

All JavaScript is unminimized for easier inspection.