ERC20 Token Integration

27 March 2018

Run or running an ICO? Have you issued your ERC20 Token?

We understand the challenges that a new token offering faces when finding a viable user friendly method of storage for your investors tokens,

The ERC20 market wallet offerings are few and far between with an obvious lack of an easy to use model that offers support for users.

We at Carbon wallet have addressed this by enabling your ERC20 token to be incorporated into our service

Example integration with Cryptonetix.

What we offer ensures you control your eco system, holders of your token would have outlet to take and store safely their investment within carbon wallet and easily return to the platform or exchange as and when they wish

Example payment page.

This means that they can hold your token (in a branded wallet with logo) alongside BTC,ETH,BCH BTCP, ZEC ZCL LTC and DASH, We feel this gives your business more opportunity to retain and even gain some holders as they can store you coin alongside the main crypto currency's

Your token would be included in our promotional material for 3yrs (Twitter,medium, Reddit, etc)

Using our service would mean you would get a branded wallet within the Carbon wallet platform, a secure, easy to use system for crypto storage, dedicated live support that aim to resolve any issue your holders have within 24hrs,

How do we get listed

Please apply to our business development department at [email protected]

Carbon Wallet

We use the current best in class encryption and multi signature Cryptocurrency technology to secure your wealth.