How To Claim Your Bitcoin Gold

02 July 2018

Do you have a private key for Bitcoin? Are you entitled to claim a forked Bitcoin Gold?

Carbon Wallet now has a simple solution to gather up your forked coin balances using our easy to use Private key import tool.

If you have access to your Private Key, and you think it will entitle you to one of the previously mentioned forked coins, we have made the claiming easy!

1. Go to the Import Private Key tool listed under services

The sweep facility works with private keys in wallet import format. (WIF).

2. Enter the private key you want to sweep

Also enter the destination wallet. We will sweep only the coins on a private key that have a balance in the destination wallet.

3. Confirm the Sweep

You will be shown the miners fee charged for this sweep and the total balances in the destination currency.


Click 'Sweep to Wallet' and Carbon Wallet will sweep that address and claim your forked coins and populate your chosen wallet! YES it’s that easy!

Carbon Wallet

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